People act from the heart, not the head.
Giving is a personal act.
The act of giving is immediate.

Your relationship with your friends will be long-term.

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Giving isn’t a business transaction. It’s a human connection. Your Donations matter by helping those that can not afford to attend our events the chance to get out and have a meaningful connection with their friends and you can make a difference..
Your Donation will help support our efforts to make this possible. Don’t be afraid to reach out and make this commitment for the event this year, that would be an awesome gesture to someone you care about and you would be an inspiration for others to follow your example. And even if you can’t attend give whatever you can and help support our group...WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT

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Wyandotte Woodstock Palooza
New's Letter from "Beachside Times"
. On Sept. 8th, 2018, we plan to hold our 4th annual Event being held at Wyandotte County Lake Beach Shelter. Our reunion will be on Saturday from 12 noon till 11:30pm, an evening of Live Music 🎼, dining and celebrating, for all classmates, classes and Schools in the Dotte and their loved ones. During this memorable event, we would love to give away prizes to our  😁attendees showcasing your businesses’ generosity. Many of our former classmates are traveling from afar and will get to enjoy the camaraderie of their fellow alumni. We see it as a wonderful chance to reconnect and reestablish ties to our local community.We are humbly asking for any donations to help make this a fun-filled event.The WWP is on a very limited budget so your donation will greatly touch the hearts of all those attending and will be much appreciated. We also plan to advertise this event and will happily highlight your sponsorship as gratitude.Thank you for taking the time to consider our request. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact David.